Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Importance of Modern Revelation

Hey Everyone, hope you're all enjoying this fine weather!

Well I guess I'm not sure if you have good weather.  Here in New York it's 83 degrees outside and we have clear blue skies, but I doubt it'll last long.  So we're enjoying it while we can!

Today I want to talk for a little bit about the importance of the 3rd member of the Godhead.  He is the one that we have the most common relationship with throughout our lives.  The Holy Ghost, who is a personage of spirit without a body of flesh and bone (See D&C 130:22-23), is essential to our Heavenly Father's plan for his children.  He is the one who carries the message of Christ's gospel to the hearts of the children of men so that they may know for themselves the truthfulness of it.  I know that I've spoken about the Holy Ghost before, and in this week's post I wish to look at it in a different light.  Before I've spoken about the Holy Ghost on a personal level, how we as God's children can access greater knowledge and truth through his power.  And this week I wish to tackle a concern that I've encountered a number of times.  It's not a difficult question, but it's one that could arise in anyone's life.  The question is as follows:

How do I know if the promptings I receive are from the Holy Ghost?

Now since I have limited time to write, and I don't exactly feel like doing another series on this sort of a question, I wish to give you two possible ways to search for the answer to your problem.  The first is to look inward and ask yourself if the choice you are mulling over will bring you closer to your Savior in word and deed.  If you can honestly say that the choice you are considering will bring you closer to Christ and your Heavenly Father, then you're a step closer to identifying the best choice.  The Holy Ghost will never prompt you to do anything that the Savior himself would not encourage you to do. 

He is one with the Father and the Son in purpose and in message.  And because he is one with them you can be sure that he would convey the same message and council through his chosen apostles and prophets in these times.  In a recent Ensign article, an excerpt from a talk by Orson F. Whitney was included on the last page.  Some wise council from him still rings true today:

"What the Lord said to the Jews and Nephites 2,000 years ago or what He said to the Latter-day Saints 50 or 60 years ago has no force whatever at this time unless it agrees with present-day revelation, with the Lord’s most recent instructions to His people through His chosen or appointed servants or servant"

My advice to all who receive revelation from the Holy Ghost, which includes all of us, is to make sure that we check those promptings with modern revelation and with the example of the Savior.  Understand that we as a church are not one in opinion, attitude, or demeanor, but we are one in current doctrine.  I would recommend reading the excerpt from Orson F. Whitney's talk, because he goes more in depth on why we do things as a church, and why the church continues to grow and shape itself. 

I hope you all have a great week, and I'll write to you all soon!

Love, Elder Gailey

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