Monday, May 2, 2016


So there's a lady in the Ward named Thida, she's from Cambodia, and she feeds us every week.  She makes this spicy sauce simply dubbed 'Spicy' that she serves with all of her rice dishes.  Elders Tanner, Miles, and DeSpain said I wasn't down to eat a whole spoonful of it because they can't handle it.  I guess all of those street meals in Thailand paid off because I took it without a hitch.  I also did a food eating challenge this week called the Towering Inferno.  Sadly I didn't beat it, but I'm going to.  I'll send some pictures of that as well as some others in a little bit.  

Love, Elder Gailey 

ps. Missions don't always beat ALL the stupid out of young men.  They just refine us a little bit.  

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