Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Meekness Vs. Weakness

Hello Everyone!

This week I was struck as I was reading in the scriptures, and a verse stuck out to me that lead to a greater understanding of a vital, and sometimes missed, Christlike attribute:  Meekness

A quick search of the topical guide of the LDS edition of the Holy Bible, will point to many scriptures that outline what meekness is, and why it is important.  We know that a meek spirit is of great worth in the sight of God, and is one of
the attributes that Christ showcased for us (1 Peter 3:4 ; Matt 26:53).

In searching through the scriptures, I found a number of stories where the meekness of the Lord's servants is shown.  Some examples are:
  • Moses (Num 12:3)
  • David (1 Sam 26:10)
  • Elijah (1 Kings 18)
  • Alma & Amulek (Alma 14)
  • Nephi (1 Nephi 17:50)
  • Captain Moroni (Alma 44:6)
  • Lehi & Nephi (Hel 5:20-23) 
Meekness, as defined by the 1969 edition of the American College Dictionary (which is the only one we have in our apartment currently), is:

Humbly patient or submissive, as under provocation from others

I liked this definition, especially the emphasis on humility.  When put into scriptural and spiritual connotations, meekness is showing restraint over our physical tendencies as a manifestation of having spiritual wisdom and understanding.  

There is another way to look at meekness found in the footnotes of Matthew 5:5 (footnote A).  This partially reads:

the Hebrew in Ps. 37:11 characterizes as the humble who have suffered.  

The additional Hebrew usage in Psalms would suggest that meekness is a byproduct of suffering and affliction.  As we wade through trials and afflictions in this life, we will find that as we rely on Christ's Atonement we are able to bear those afflictions and come to understand why we were given that trial in the first place.  A meek spirit is one that understands that God is all-powerful, but also a spirit that understands that God has his own plan and that his ways are higher than our ways.  

Meekness is still a topic I am delving through, but I felt like I would share some of my findings as I've searched the scriptures.  Not many people talk about the importance of meekness, and I feel it is a wonderful and worthwhile Christlike attribute to attain in this life as best we can.  

I hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Gailey

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