Monday, June 8, 2015

Peace Be Unto Thy Soul

Hello Everyone!  This week I wish to speak about peace.  

I wish to talk more on the micro-peace rather than the type of peace the world seeks on the macro-scale.  The type of peace that will enable 'world peace' will come through peace that is first found within the self.  We cannot expect the world to be at total peace when we as humans are conflicting with ourselves and our own ideas and emotions.  This week with the theme of peace I wish to share two of my favorite passages from scripture that have brought me peace in this life.  

The first of these is found in the 121st Section of the Doctrine and Covenants.  Joseph Smith, having spent a great deal of time in Liberty Jail, supplicated to the Lord for peace, answers, and understanding.  He cries out "O God, where art thou", and in response the Lord utters these great words of comfort:

7. My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment

The first words that the Lord uses when comforting the Prophet Joseph is the phrase 'my son'.  Imagine the comfort that those words brought to Joseph.  It was the Lord reminding him that we are all indeed children of a loving Heavenly Father.  We are not forgotten or placed on a shelf to be watched at a later date.  Both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are actively and consistently watching us and seeking to give us guidance and experience to perfect us.  

The next phrase used reminds us that Heavenly Father is indeed a tender parent.  Imagine an earthly parent trying to quiet a child that has just woken from a nightmare.  That loving parent would tell their child that there is no need to fear, and that the morning will come soon.  Our Heavenly Father reminded Joseph Smith of this by telling him that this mortal life would be 'but a small moment'.  We endure trials here now and develop faith so that we can again live with our Father in Heaven.  

The second scripture that has brought me peace is found in 2nd Nephi.  In council given to his 'firstborn in the wilderness', Lehi gives this great nugget of advice:

 24 But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things.
Lehi tells his family, though directed toward Jacob specifically, that all things are done in the wisdom of our Heavenly Father.  Not a few things, or half of the events in history and the future.  But all events that have or will take place are done in wisdom.  And this is not wisdom of the earth that can diminish with time or be twisted for selfish gain.  In the wisdom of our Heavenly Father, all things are geared towards our success in coming back to live in his presence.  If our Heavenly Father truly wanted to give us the best possible chance to return to him, he wouldn't leave one detail unaccounted for.  And in truth, he couldn't leave it unaccounted for because if he did he would cease to be God and our lives would lose all purpose and we would be subject to the Father of all Lies, rather than in the presence of our true Father.  

When trials come into your life, or when you experience a difficult circumstance.  Know that all things are done in wisdom, and that this life will be a small instant in our eternal lives.  In truth, this life is but a step in the grand race of eternal progression, but this step makes all the difference.  Take care where you step in this life, but know that when you are faced with trials or when you slip, your Advocate with the Father is always standing by to help pick us up and dust us off so we can continue moving forward.  

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Gailey

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