Monday, March 20, 2017

Remembering Covenants

In our Book of Mormon class this past week we delved into the 'War Chapters' of the Book of Mormon.  Behind the scriptural language and doctrinal teachings these chapters tell the tale of ancient warfare that took place over the course of over 15 years between the Nephite and Lamanite nations.

Central to this historical narrative is a Nephite military leader Moroni.  Moroni serves as a great leader to his people physically and spiritually.  In our discussion in class we took note of a particular passage wherein Moroni uses his coat to create the Title of Liberty.  This becomes a symbol for freedom and the purpose of the Nephites participation in this war.  Later in the history there is a passage concerning the title of liberty that highlights a great principle about covenants:
"And he [Moroni] did raise the standard of liberty in whatsoever place he did enter, and gained whatsoever force he could in all his march" (Alma 61:4)
Moroni in leaving to defend the Nephite people in a civil conflict made sure that wherever he went lifted the Title of Liberty.  The members of the Nephite army had covenanted to uphold that standard and to protect it with their lives.  The basis of the Title of Liberty rested on their commitment to God, freedom, peace, and their wives and children.  By raising the Title of Liberty everywhere he went, Moroni rekindled the flames of passion and commitment in those that had made that covenant.

We likewise need to be sure to remember our covenants and put ourselves in places that we can easily remember them.  A Nephite in need of remembering his covenants would be unlikely to find them in Lamanite territory and those that have made covenants will be unlikely to remember them if they are in unholy places.  While living in Utah right now there are reminders of covenants everywhere in the form of temples and churches.  I'm blessed to have the ample opportunity to remember and renew these covenants.

But this is not always the case.  Sometimes we enter the battlefield and can't easily remember our covenants and what God has promised to do for us if we are faithful.  It is in these times that we need to hoist our own Title of Liberty in whatever way we are able.  A background on your phone with a quote from the scriptures.  Having a picture of Christ around the house.  There are many ways we can remember Christ and remember our covenants.  And if we can simply remember and act accordingly, we will have heavenly aid in the spiritual battles we fight each and every day. 

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