Monday, March 13, 2017

The Words of God: A Spiritual Backbone

This week in our class we spent a good portion of our discussion on one truly devilish man: Korihor.  We don't know much of this man besides what attributes and attitudes he shows towards the Doctrine and teachings of Christ.  We learn from the scriptures of his flattering and pleasing doctrines of the here and now.  Korihor taught that the scriptures and holy records hold no importance for us, and he taught that “when a man was dead, that was the end thereof” (Alme 30:18). Korihor truly lived in the moment, and taught that there is nothing important in this life other than the self-gratification that we can receive from moment to moment. Korihor, and those that followed his teachings, placed restrictive blinders on their understanding of the world.  

But with this remarkable example of blinded focus on these earthly lives there is an equally remarkable example of eternal perspective.  This perspective is provided by the chief judge and prophet over the Nephite people: Alma.  Alma exemplifies eternal perspective, teaching boldly that he knows “ there is a God, and also that Christ shall come” (v. 39).  Alma knew that there is a lot more to this life than what is happening now, but that amazing this have happened and will happen by the goodness of God.  Alma also taught us that we “have all things as a testimony” that this is true (v. 41).  

I personally find it amazing that such a great example of perspective is given in such length for us to study.  In my study of the scriptures I have truly found that it has broadened my mind and enlarged my memory.  Korihor, who taught that the scriptures and words of the prophets were of no use, lacked any spiritual strength or moral backbone.  But Alma who took all things as a testimony of God, and studied and taught from the words of God's chosen servants, was able to stand firm in the face of opposition.  We likewise will become more like Alma or more like Korihor, as we either hearken or separate ourselves from the word of God.

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