Monday, November 3, 2014

Arrival in New York!

Hello Internet,  I'm now in Fonda, New York.  It's cold, send sweaters and cocoa please.  

Okay, it's not that bad, and it's not snowing yet, but it's probably going to do that this week.  I've been assigned to an area North-East of Albany called Fonda.  It covers three towns and a lot of farms, normally owned by the Amish.  The towns I cover are Fonda, Canojoharie (Canjo), and Fort Plain.  They're small towns, but the people are nice and the scenery is beautiful.  I wish I could have been here a few weeks ago, I'm just catching the tail-end of the leaves changing colors, so now most things are brown. 
President and Sister Wirthlin With Elder Ayre and Elder Gailey
My companion in Fonda is Elder Ayre.  He's a fun guy and super hard working, we're busy from the time we leave home until it's time for us to go back home and sleep.  Sleep isn't my favorite part of the day anymore, but it's still up there.  I don't know how I have all the energy to make it through the day, the Lord provides I suppose.  Anyways, Elder Ayre is from South Jordan Utah, and is basically Elder Superman in looks and work ethic.  Maybe not as big as Clark Kent, but you get the picture. 
Elder Ayre and I have a little companion in our car called Tiwi (Tee-whee).  He's a cute little black box with lights and his name written on him.  He greets us every morning by telling us we're going too fast and that we need to watch our speed.  He's rather monotone, and interrupts our conversations, but we're grateful to have him along for the ride; he is just looking after us of course.  Tiwi is our --sometimes-- silent companion that makes sure we drive safely.  It's best not to anger Tiwi, as I've come to find out.  

Goodbye for now Internet, I'll have more for you next week!

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