Monday, January 19, 2015

"And it Came to Pass"

Hello Everyone, this week I wanted to talk about an experience that I had during a meal appointment.

After finishing the meal my companion and I proceeded to share a short lesson with those who had so kindly fed us.  After sharing our message one of the members posed an odd questions to us:

"What is the most common lesson you learn in the Book of Mormon?"

Immediately thoughts of love, Christ's atonement, hope, charity, diligence, and repentance entered into my mind.  Not knowing what this member was driving at, I figured I would ask bluntly what it was.  The answer that I received was unexpected and one that I would never have thought of.  I was told that the most common lesson learned in the Book of Mormon is contained in the phrase that we read all too commonly, which is:

 "And it came to pass"

I was initially a little dumbfounded at that answer, but the member went on to explain that though we go through sorrow, pain, and affliction, it will all come to pass us eventually. 

Now this phrase had never had meaning beyond me replacing "and it came to pass" with a phrase that is more commonly heard today; "long story short".  I had always brushed off this seemingly unimportant phrase.  But looking at it in a different light really helped me understand mortality a bit better.  All things in this mortal life will come to an end, except those with a spiritual nature.

I was curious as to how true this member's answer was, so I turned to technology to help me understand the answer by way of numbers.  Doing a quick search through the Book of Mormon I found that there are 1117 instances of the exact phrase, "and it came to pass". 

Now I know that numbers aren't everything and whether this phrase was used deliberately to mean what this member proposed or not my decision, but I take it as a welcomed assurance that all of the afflictions we go though will come to an end.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel that we can surely hope for.  

There are many reasons to discuss the gospel with family and friends.  But one of my favorite reasons is so that I can see the scriptures and the doctrine from a separate point of view.  The scriptures may have the same words, but the application and understanding of scriptures is different from person to person.  

My wish for each of you is to try and look at the scriptures a little differently to gain new insights and revelation, and then talk with someone about the passage or point of doctrine and see what their take on it is.  I promise you that as you do, you will begin to see the scriptures in their true power and beauty and that the Holy Ghost will bring even more truths to you because you sought after them.  
I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Love, Elder Gailey

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